What do you call someone: 

  • Who has the personal and professional prime directive to help each individual patient have the optimum health possible for body, mind and spirit…and not just freedom from disease?
  • Who has an overflowing medicine bag of learned skills and natural talents to help each patient: Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, Energetic,  sometimes Shamanic, hands on Body Work and the natural, compassionate skills as a Counselor?
  • Then when you do get sick, who better knows how to assist your own body’s powerful ability to heal itself and return to full health?
  • Who knows which herbs, vitamins, foods, homeopathics, ayurvedic medicines as well as which tried and true, traditional treatments will help your body return to health?
  • Finally, who is a particularly gifted healer with her intuitive touch–can put you on her table for an hour, unkinking the spasms, wrinkles, trigger points, relaxing the body and bringing tremendous pain relief?
  • Oh yes, and who also even makes house calls if you need her to?

What do I call such a person? 

I call her Dr. Juliette!

R. O’Regan, Jemez Springs